Rave Revolution | Dance for the Planet

Rave Revolution Announces a Dance Gathering to Protest Inaction at the UN Lisbon Ocean Conference.

Rave Revolution was founded amid the pandemic by a group of like-minded people across several continents looking to unite the dance and festival community, environmental activists and everyone else concerned about the state of our planet. Rave Revolution is designed to encourage people to do something about climate annihilation: Inspired by youth protests around the world, we in the dance/festival community realized that combining the joyful ambiance of dance events with the visibility of protest activism can bring people of all ages toward awareness and action for climate justice.

Without major public uprising and/or civil disobedience, our leaders, both political and private, do not have the courage or vision to effect the system change required to bring carbon emissions down to safer levels and to protect the biodiversity that keeps our planet alive. The sea covers 70% of the planet, 43% of which is lawless. For over 10 years, member states of the United Nations have been negotiating a treaty that would enable the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction. But not surprisingly, nothing has been concluded. Meanwhile, life in the oceans has entered a downhill trajectory toward mass extinction — an event that will surpass the Earth’s prior great extinctions.

Rave Revolution’s apolitical demand to the UN: Open concrete dialogue to end infinite economic growth and to shift towards a more inclusive metric such as Genuine Progress Indicators, as it is unsustainable economic growth that is leading to the destruction of the oceans and the climate. We further aim to advocate for fairer distribution of resources with the global south.

The UN Ocean Conference begins on Monday, June 27. Rave Revolution, along with Ocean Rebellion and Sciaena, will be present on Wednesday, June 29 at 2pm. Join us at our music stage outside of the Altice Arena within the Parque das Nações for our initial dance protest, then afterparty at Arroz Estudios till late.

Photos: João Daniel Pereira